Center for Research and Exploration in

Space Science &Technology II (CRESST II)

Overview of CRESST II

The Center for Research and Exploration in Space Science and Technology II (CRESST II) is a collaboration between NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) and the University of Maryland, College Park; University of Maryland, Baltimore County; Catholic University of America; Howard University; and Southeastern Universities Research Association. The overall goal of CRESST II is to support and enhance research and technology in the space sciences in support of NASA's strategic science mission objectives. CRESST II also seeks to encourage the engagement of a diverse population of students and Ph.D. scientists in NASA's space science programs.

CRESST II employs, through its partner institutions, approximately one hundred scientists who work on a wide range of space science projects in the GSFC Divisions of Astrophysics Science and Solar System Exploration. CRESST II scientists work directly with NASA scientists to support of operating missions, conduct scientific research, develop instruments, and design future missions. CRESST II provides the unique opportunity to be university research faculty working at a major NASA Center.

CRESST II also provides opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to become involved in scientific research and instrument development at GSFC. Undergraduate and Graduate students at the partner institutions can have research opportunities during the academic year. CRESST II operates a summer program that brings in students for 10-week research internships. Research opportunities Graduate students at the partner institutions can work on their Ph.D. research at GSFC.

CRESST II is committed to supporting its scientists during their time working at their partner universities. Information for employees can be found on the employees’ section of this website on a number of topics including: Frequently Asked Questions, CRESST II Reporting, Harassment Support and Reporting, Travel Guidelines and Support, Career Advancement and many other topics. If you have any issues accessing this portion of the webpage or questions about the content therein, please contact the CRESST II Program Manager Lee Cheyne.

CRESST II Scientist of the month

A CRESST II scientist will be featured here every month

CRESST II Scientist of the month, June 2024 - Ms. Thea McKenna is a Post-baccalaureate Research Assistant at the Southeastern Universities Research Associate, working in the field of Lunar & Planetary Shape from Shading. You can learn more about Ms. McKenna and her work here.

Please check CRESST II Scientist of the Month Archive for CRESST II scientists featured in previous months.

CRESST II Research Highlights

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