Graduate Student Opportunities

CRESST II provides opportunities for graduate students to become involved in GSFC research through space-related data analysis, observation, and hardware development. Student research at GSFC may be performed in conjunction with second-year projects or contribute to thesis research. Most universities will allow a GSFC-based scientist to be a member of a student's thesis committee, although the student will have a primary advisor on-campus.

For Scientists: If you are a GSFC-based scientist interested in working with a graduate student, please contact the CRESST II Program Manager, Leland Cheyne for assistance. At a minimum, we will need to know whether you have a specific student identified, the nature of the research project, and approximately how many months of support you have for the student. CRESST II will then work with you to define the next steps.

For Graduate Students: If you are a graduate student interested in working with a GSFC-based scientist, please contact the CRESST II Program Associate, Katherine McKee with your CV and a brief one-page discussion of your research interests and career goals. CRESST II has several available research opportunities for graduate students and can help match you with the project that best aligns with your interests and skills.

Both GSFC-based scientists and graduate students are also encouraged to attend the CRESST II Graduate Student Interaction Day, typically held each spring, to meet potential students and learn about research opportunities, respectively. Contact the CRESST II Program Associate, Katherine McKee for more information about the event and how to register. You can also continue to check the CRESST II website for more information.

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Updated: 2021-Jul-26

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