Summer Intern Posters

2018 Summer Intern Posters

2018 Summer Program Highlights:

Five Goddard Laboratories: Code 614, 662, 667, 693, and 698, posted more than 10 opportunities, in addition to the generic announcement on the CRESST II website, and garnered more than 300 applicants. Eleven students representing eight different universities were selected after going through a rigorous screening process. The Intern Program started on June 4th with the Goddard-wide orientation and badging. At the end of the day, the interns met for the CRESST II orientation from the various institutional representatives, followed by a ‘Meet and Greet’ reception with their mentors and the CRESST II staff. Wednesdays from 11:30-12:30 were reserved for the CRESST II Intern Brown Bag Lunch Talks, wherein a different mentor presented a talk on what their research was and what they were working on. Six of the mentors made presentations on everything from instrumentation to communications to the moon and exoplanets. The speakers also told the students some of the stories of how they had gotten into the sciences and to GSFC. Dr. Marcus Alfred of Howard University was the host for these talks, which were attended by our 11 students plus ~5-6 others outside of CRESST II. Goddard’s Science Jamboree took place on July 25th. The Interns’ Poster Session had an overwhelming turnout resulting in a two-day presentation, half of the over 400 posters on August 1st, followed by the second half of them on August 2nd. Other activities included tours of GSFC, ice cream socials, many talks, and interaction with many GSFC scientists who were always ready to answer questions or lend a hand. By August 10th, most of the interns had left and it was time for the reports. It was a busy, educational, and enjoyable summer for all.

Following posters were presented by 2018 CRESST II summer interns


Student Name Host Partner Poster Title
Schlauderhaff, Shoshana UMBC "Expanding Fermi's Universe Through the Use of Graphics and Animation"
Afanasev, Dennis SURA "Stellar Flares on M-Dwarf Stars"
Cosby, Matthew SURA "Development of a Fine Pointing System for the Segmented Aperture Interferomic Nulling Testbed (SAINT)"
Hinkle, Jason UMBC "A Study of the Extragalactic Gamma-ray Binary LMC P3 with XMM-Newton and NuSTAR"
Jaramillo, Ximena SURA "Developing a Virtual Reality (VR) Environment of the Apollo 15 Landing Site on the Moon"
Kusnick, Brian SURA "Broadband Segmented Mirror Alignment"
Marcus, Jenna UMCP "Next-Generation Visible Nulling Coronagraph Mechanical Design and Component Testing"
McCardle, Brianna UMBC "Digital Restoration of the Apollo 11 Landing Site Map"
Taylor, Timothy UMCP "Modeling the Magnetic Field of the Milky Way"
Washington, Cassindra Howard "Django Unchained: Adapting Exoplanet Models to Create User-Friendly Web Tools"


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